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The Bullard Family Foundation

Interim Healthcare Foundation is now doing business as The Bullard Family Foundation. We are excited about this change and look forward to continuing our life-changing work.

A Letter From Our Founders

If you are lucky, the opportunity to do good deeds may find you.

Our opportunity to do good came to us while listening to the stories of our friends who owned a statewide hospice foundation. From time to time we would have dinner and they would tell of their stories even they could not believe, stories colored with a sadness we weren’t prepared for. Some of these people:

  • A patient who came home from the hospital on a winter season, but the house had no electricity or heating because the family could no longer afford to pay for it.
  • The daughter of a patient who lives in another state could not come home and care for her father… but wished to come visit and see him one last time – if only she had the means.
  • The wife of a patient who was asking friends and even strangers to help raise funds to bury her husband.

These stories and so many more broke our hearts, but we realized that many hospices would be devastated of funds if they tried to meet every need. And so the idea of the Interim Healthcare Foundation was born.

The mission of Interim Healthcare Foundation is to help those in need get access to services they require. And it looks to extend help above and beyond hospice care coverage. Through the Foundation we will be able to fund the needs and wishes of a patient or their loved ones, offering funding for hospice care or perhaps something else outside the scope of end-of-life care, but nonetheless essential to the patient’s peacefulness in their final days and for the solace of their family and friends.

At the same time, we hope to use the Foundation to educate people about what hospice care is, the many benefits of hospice care, and how they can support hospices in their community. By educating people about the importance of helping terminally ill patients pass in loving circumstances, we believe we can create a positive impact.

There is an end-of-life care crisis happening in our nation. 6.3% of seniors are living below the poverty level. One in three seniors lives alone. And if they are ill, they have no available caregiver. The seniors around us are at risk as they become terminally ill with few options for care, and we owe it to them to respond immediately. Our Foundation is determined to be there for seniors and others, and to face this crisis head-on.

We thank you in advance for caring for the terminally ill patients and their loved ones. Your donations are very much appreciated and we assure you they will make a difference in someone else’s life you can not begin to imagine.

Thank you and May God Bless you!

Board of Directors

Interim Healthcare Foundation, Inc.